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PT. Bintang Tunggal Sejati (BTS) is a green coffee trader based in Sidoarjo, East Java – Indonesia. BTS was founded in 1986 as a traditional family business with the main objective of supplying commercial grade coffee beans to major domestic roasters and traders alike.  

Within a few years, we managed to establish our position as one of the leading coffee suppliers in domestic market. Our main priority was to build strong relationships within the supply chain through engaging traditional trading practices to ensure continuous supply.  In 1990, BTS took a major step to expand the market by exporting green coffee beans to Europe. It was a strategic move to seize the opportunities of growing demand globally while sustaining the domestic growth.

In 2005, we commenced trading of Arabica coffee to serve premium coffee markets as we saw great potentials in this coffee sector with the rise of specialty coffee popularity. We carefully select and source some of the best coffee available from various producers around the country and continuously implement a more direct approach by collaborating with farmers and cooperatives to produce good quality, sustainable coffee.

Today, we have shipped our coffee worldwide and our yearly average trading volume has reached 135.000 bags. In addition, we are proud to be a member of Indonesian Coffee exporters association and Indonesian Specialty coffee Association and are actively involved in the coffee development programs. 

Our Mission Statement...

Coffee Is Our PASSION!

As a trader, we act as a hub that connects producers and consumers. We understand that we are only one of many pieces to complete the whole supply chain system. Therefore, we aim to be recognized as a trustworthy and reliable trader with full commitment to deliver the right quality to our customers and concurrently provide producers with valuable supports.

It is our belief that trades will only flourish if supply and demand are sustainable in a fair and profitable way. Based on this foundation, we emphasize on building strong mutual relationships with stakeholders of the industry to ensure that the coffee we trade is valued fairly and for the benefit of all the parties involved. 

We are committed to provide value added services to all our customers with a variety of convenience:
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Our fleet is ready to help and to assist in the delivery of coffee & cacao products that you purchased.

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We have expertise in the management of export goods. All you got to do is just to sit down and relax.

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