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As one of the established suppliers to domestic roasters, the Indonesian coffee market will remain as our main priority. With demand rate outpacing the supplies, we are committed to maintain the turnover of coffee supplies ensuring the availability to our customers. at present, the domestic market accounts for 80% of our total trading volume.

Concurrently, we are aware of the opportunity lies in the vast foreign markets with various segments. Our coffee have been shipped to overseas markets including commercial grades of both Robusta and Arabica. Premium and Specialty coffee are the next in the frame with the emergence of specific consumer segment that require premium and distinctively unique coffee characters. We have continuously improved our sourcing and quality assessment system to cater for these markets by conducting direct trades with farmers in specific producing areas, as well as improvement of knowledge of our staffs handling this product . With this in mind, we are confident to achieve a substantial growth in our trading volume in the not so distant future.


- Germany
- Italy
- Singapore
- South Korea
- Japan
- Taiwan
- China
- South Africa
- Egypt
- Australia

We are committed to provide value added services to all our customers with a variety of convenience:
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We have expertise in the management of export goods. All you got to do is just to sit down and relax.

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