Coffee & Cocoa Exporter - Commodity Trading Company

In over 25 years market presence we have been succeeded in developing a product standard, that satisfies our customer's needs and requirements. This standard allows us, to trade coffee efficiently and cost effectively.

We possess a detailed knowledge of various coffee grades on the one hand and on the other we understand the different requirements of our customers in coffee businesses and at different sites as to the value chain. This enables us, to identify different customer needs and react flexibly thereto. It is finally the reliability of our process sequences, that ensure that also new and once-only commodity supply solutions are in accordance with our standards and adjust to the general philosophy of our company. We therefore only offer solutions, which satisfy our customers in the long-term and do not go for the short-term profit.

Our Quality Statement...

- We strive to be the leader in the field of coffee traders. All our work is according to our
   strict standard ensuring environment sustainability, food safety and quality.
- Continuous improvements is an integral part of our operation ensuring that we meet,
   and better yet, exceed our customers' expectations.
- Our team is focused, properly trained, and seeks continuous re-education to ensure that
   objectives are met. Warehouse facilities are maintained up to the highest standards to
   ensure safe and effective operation.
- Environmental impact of the operation shall be minimized on an ongoing basis.

Batch checking for raw materials and finished products.
The first stage of bean sorting process.
Stage 2 of coffee bean sorting process.
Physical analysis and cupping to ensure perfect results
We are committed to provide value added services to all our customers with a variety of convenience:
Shipping Arrangement

Our fleet is ready to help and to assist in the delivery of coffee & cacao products that you purchased.

Export Handling

We have expertise in the management of export goods. All you got to do is just to sit down and relax.

Online Consultation

Should you need any consultation regarding our business, we’ll be ready to help.