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Coffee was first brought into Indonesia in year 1699 by the Dutch. In year 1711 they started exporting coffee from island of Java to Europe and extending their production into other parts of Indonesia.

Today, Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world with average yearly total production of 680.000 tons.  Robusta and Arabica are the two main varieties of coffee that are grown in Indonesia with production composition of 85% Robusta and 15% Arabica. Indonesian Coffee is well known for its rich and strong flavor and their unique characteristics have placed them among the finest coffees in the world.

  1. Sumatra Mandheling Arabica
  2. Sumatra Gayo Arabica
  3. Java Arabica WP (Wet Processed)
    and WHP (Wet Hull Processed):
    Mild, well balanced,
  4. Bali Kintamani Arabica WP and WHP
  5. Kalossi Arabica
  6. Toraja Arabica
  7. Flores Arabica WP and WHP
  1. Robusta EK-1 medium beans
    (Grade 2–6, Dry Processed)
  2. Robusta EK-Special Large beans
    (Grade 2–3, Dry Processed)
  3. Robusta AP-1
    (Grade 2 – 3, Polished Dry processed)
  4. Robusta AP-Special Large beans
    (Grade 1 – 3, Dry Processed)
  5. Robusta WIB-1
    (Grade 1 & 4, Wet Processed)

The majority of coffee produced in Indonesia is Robusta, which contributes to 85% of the total production and is well known for its strong body and aroma and mostly being used for commercial coffee blends. The other 15% is Arabica coffee planted on highlands with elevation of 1000M – 1500M above sea level, located at various areas across the country. Most of coffee beans produced in Indonesia are collected from small holding farmers and a few productions from private or state owned plantations.

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